Everybody Knows It's Christmas Time Again


Featuring engineer/producer and collaborator, Bill Doss Recorded in 2006 at Bill Doss’s studio... I forget what he called it, but I remember making this with Bill like it was yesterday. He tracked me on acoustic guitar. Next came electric guitar and then drums. I learned early on guitar rhythm is where it’s at. *If guitar rhythm isn’t happening then there’s not much I can do on drums to make it right. Disagree? Just ask Jim Keltner... anyways after Bill recorded me playing guitars and drums, he added a mesmerizing bass line. Then his mind expanding evermore and (everything he’s ever listened to) spilled over into this recording. This recording captures a time, a moment, and an unforgettable experience. I’m honored to be his friend and to have him record and produce me. #rip #billdoss

Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, lead vocal- Peter Alvanos Friend, Bass, tambourines, shakers, bg vocals galore, support system and giant ranges of melody- Bill Doss

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