Peter Alvanos is an American musician and singer that plays drums, bass guitar, guitar and piano. He is the drummer for Elephant Six recording artists Elf Power.  He has also performed and/or recorded with Bill Doss (The Sunshine Fix), Scott Spillane ( Neutral Milk Hotel), Pete Erchick (The Olivia Tremor Control), Jay Gonzalez (Drive By Truckers) , Jim White, Tobin Sprout (Guided By Voices), Nikki Sudden (The Swell Maps), Danny Weinkauf (They Might Be Giants),  producer Mitch Easter, James Husband (of Montreal), and many more. He has toured extensively all over the United States and the world and has opened for acts such as Neutral Milk Hotel, Tobin Sprout, of Montreal, Saturday Looks Good To Me and The Broken Bells.

He is very active in the Athens, Ga community supporting and mentoring teenagers through the non profit organization, Nuçi's Space.

Peter is a lover of cats.

He is the grand nephew of the Greek born visual artist, Hermon Di Giovanno. Peter named his band/project/creative outlet after Hermon's painting, Fabulous Bird.



Peter's Gear:

DRUMS-1960's Ludwig Mod Orange 3 ply drums. (14x22,14x20,16x16 9x13 and 8x12)1964 Ludwig Supraphonic 5x14 snare drum w/ brass hoops, 1950's WFL Mahogany 6.5x14 / 6 lug snare drum and a 1960's Ludwig 3 ply Jazz Festival 8 lug snare drum.

CYMBALS-Paiste Giant Beats  

GUITARS -1966 Gibson LG-1 Acoustic Guitar, 1968 Vox Viper w/ built in effects (E-tuner, Treble Boost, Distortion and Repeat Percussion (a form of tremolo) , Rickenbacker Fire Glo 6 string guitar and a 1960's Teisco Phantom Guitar. 

AMPLIFIERS-1950's Newcomb 

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