If You're A Bird


These songs were recorded in the span of 2016/2017 at the Psychedelic Kitchen in the college town of Athens, Ga.
All songs on this record were performed by Peter Alvanos, except where noted.

Trk 1. Melodic Sunshine Doll MOOG, Piano- Jojo Glidewell

*Trk 5. The Rave Up is inspired and an homage to the late Bill Doss

Trk 7. If You’re A Bird Keys, Drums, Fuzz bass, Fuzz guitar, Percussion-John Dufilho

Trk 8. She’s Comin’ Over Meows, food nibbling- Spartacus and Caliope ( my cats)

*Trk 9. A Song For Hermon pays homage to my great uncle and Boston mystic artist, Hermon Di Giovanno. (Painter of the art titled, Fabulous Bird)

*drums, guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitar, mellotron, lead vox , back up vox, percussion-Peter Alvanos

*All songs written by Peter Alvanos Fabulous Bird c.2017

Record Art by Hermon Di Giovanno

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